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Photography by definition is the science of recording light electronically or chemically.

Is also a term some use to identify their job.

Is also an art process, to create a photograph.


Hence we're all photographers if we use a camera. Each would use the various means available to create the image we intended.

Some are technically hooked. Controls are a priority!

Some diffuse themselves in a world of filters,

photo retouch, editing softwares & applied effects.

Some click a shutter button.

I’m one of those.


Everything else is arranged prior that click.


Could have been while driving by in a car.

Or a time I spotted two colors alongside while

browsing for a shirt.

A house I walked by when a child.

A shadow reflection walking back from a night out.

An illustration in a book I saw while on holiday.

Or a guitar riff by Rory Gallagher stuck in my mind

from that Sunday morning.


For me,

this is what’s out there,

this is how it looks in real life,

this is how I see it,

I want to share it in hope you find it different..

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Layout Photography ™ 

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Illustration Photography ™ Night

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